Project results

Result 2.2 Learning pathway

This outcome represents a structured approach to equipping Chamber staff with the knowledge and skills essential for ESG implementation. The Learning Pathway serves as a blueprint for the design and delivery of the training course, providing a systematic framework for learners to navigate. It outlines the sequence of learning units, corresponding outcomes, and allocated timeframes, ensuring a cohesive and efficient learning experience. By offering clear guidance on course content and delivery methods, the Learning Pathway aims to empower Chamber staff to become proficient in ESG principles and practices, thereby enhancing their capacity to support SMEs in their sustainability journey.

Learning Pathway

Result 2.1 ESG Trainer profile

This outcome represents a pivotal step in the project’s journey towards fostering sustainable business practices within SMEs. The development of the ESG Trainer Profile entails a comprehensive analysis of the competencies essential for an effective ESG trainer. It encompasses a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to guide SMEs in implementing holistic ESG strategies. The resulting document will serve as a roadmap, delineating key areas of expertise such as sustainability paradigms, standards and certification systems, circular business models, and sustainable innovation. By defining the learning priorities and skill levels required, this profile aims to cultivate competent professionals capable of driving positive change within the business landscape.

ESG Trainer Profile

Result 3 - ESG training for chambers representatives

Exciting Update from Green Chambers Project!

Introducing Work Package n°3 – ESG Training for Chambers Representatives!

Get ready for the heart of our project! While WP2 set the stage, WP3 takes center stage, addressing all the specific objectives outlined in our proposal. It’s all about empowering chamber training staff with the skills they need to excel in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) training and assessment.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey toward a greener, more sustainable future!

ESG training for chambers representatives

Result 2.3 Report Activities

As the culmination of Work Package n°2, the Report on Activities encapsulates the collective efforts and achievements of the project team. It offers a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken throughout the development of the ESG Trainer Profile and Learning Pathway. Through detailed documentation of the project’s progress, including milestones reached and challenges overcome, the report provides valuable insights into the project’s advancement. By reflecting on past activities and outcomes, the Report on Activities serves as a foundation for future endeavors, guiding the project towards its overarching goals of enhancing Chamber services and addressing the knowledge gap in the ESG field.

Report Activities - Final Report

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