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Transnational Partners Meeting Online

On May 29th, 2024, the team had and online TPM covering key topics including an overview of WP1 Management, the Quality Plan, and Green Strategy. We also discussed issues concerning WP3 ESG Training where WP4 focused on sustaining the Green Chambers Model with discussions on the Implementation Plan, Collection of Adhesion, and achievements. Additionaly, dissemination plan for promoting results was outlined. The meeting concluded with a Q&A session. Thank you to all participants for their contributions.

Third working seminar in Warsaw

On 16th and 17th of January the team met in Warsaw to discuss further steps for the project. Workshop topics aimed to facilitate productive discussions and collaborative planning among the main researcher staff, contributing to the successful implementation of latest works concerning the implementation of the Modules and the broader goals of the project. During these two days on the workshops the team discussed about the services offered by the Chambers for SME education and training, and about the Mainstreaming strategies for establishing the ESG course as a reference.

The day started with a presentation of PCC service offer for the SMEs (PCC school for ESG) and then was followed by discussions on multiple topics. An overview of the current landscape of education and training services was made and was supported by sharing experiences and success stories from participating chambers. The team then moved on to case studies showcasing effective inclusive practices. The first workshop was concluded by the identification of best practices and potential areas for improvement.

During the second workshop the team focused on the overview of the ESG course objectives and goals and started with a discussion on the significance of mainstreaming ESG education. A presentation on successful mainstreaming strategies employed in various contexts was held followed by a session on potential strategies suitable for Chambers and SMEs. The team divided into groups each focusing on specific strategies and then presented their action plan.

The second day of the seminar focused on the summary of key strategies that were identified during workshops. A plan for the next steps was formed and the responsibilities and tasks were assigned to every partner. This concluded the third partnership meeting in Warsaw.

ESG trainer profile​

What should the ideal ESG trainer look like?
In terms of skills, here are a few tips:
Digital skills: The ESG trainer should have skills in using not complex tools digital tools, i.e. excel, to conduct data analysis and effectively communicate findings. In addition to this, ESG trainer should be able to integrate technological use of methods within their ESG-related implementations.
Data analytic: The ESG requires data analytics to measure company’s contributions to ESG and identify specific ESG factors (e.g., track employee diversity). The ESG trainer should have an ability in analysing data and utilising analytical tools to develop insights and recommendations.
Numerical skills: The ESG trainer should have skills in numerical analysis and financial modelling. Also, ESG trainer should possess skill of interpreting numerical data derived as a result of analyses.
Risk assessment: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to identify and assess ESG risks, and develop effective strategies to manage them.
Carbon footprint calculations: The ESG trainer should have an ability to calculate how much greenhouse gases are generated as a result of your actions.
Strategic and diverse thinking: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to think critically and creatively, and develop innovative solutions that address complex ESG challenges.
Communication: The ESG trainer should skills to articulate complex ideas and concepts in a clear and concise manner, as well as actively listen to and engage with others.
Empathy: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to empathise with diverse stakeholder perspectives and understand their values and concerns.
Networking: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to establish and maintain professional relationships with various stakeholders in the ESG field.
Leadership: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to provide strong leadership, vision, and guidance to individuals and teams towards ESG objectives.
Enhanced motivation: The ESG trainer should have ability to inspire and motivate chambers and SMEs towards adopting ESG framework.
Social consciousness: This is the ability to recognise and address social and environmental issues and strive towards positive change. The ESG trainer should have high levels of social consciousness.
Passion: The ESG trainer should have a strong motivation and enthusiasm for the introduction and implementation of ESG processes in chambers and SMEs.
Patience: The ESG trainer should be patient in a way that he or she should be able to work diligently and persistently towards long-term goals and outcomes.
Teamwork: The ESG trainer should value teamwork and work effectively with diverse teams and
promote collaboration and cooperation.
Creativity: The ESG trainer should have a capacity to generate new ideas and approaches that
facilitate ESG progress.
Multi-tasking: This involves performing more than one task simultaneously. The ESG trainer should be able to deliver effective training by analysing the concerns of chambers and SMEs at the same time.

Second partnership meeting in Valencia

The GreenChambers team gathered on 6th June in Valencia for the first day of 2nd working seminar.

The seminar kicked off with a warm welcome and an agenda presentation by Cámara Valencia and Markeut Skills SL. This was followed by a productive debate and discussion on the results of the FocusGroups, where MEUS presented the general findings, and partners shared their direct testimonies and feedback.

ESG competences and related initiatives, such as the ESG-UP and SIMPLE projects, were also presented by Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije and Dublin Chamber. The day continued with a stimulating discussion on trainers’ competence profiles, where OMNIA presented the the necessary competences for effective training.

Day 2 of our exciting Networking Meeting started at premises of Cámara Valencia

During the mid-morning session, we reached a consensus on a common definition of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). We explored the CSR Directive and the obligations of SMEs, as well as the EFRAG standards. The question on everyone’s mind was, “What is relevant for our targets?” It was an enlightening discussion!
We also delved into the format of the training program, presenting various methodologies and engaging in discussions on innovative work-based learning solutions, online training, and assessment methods. It’s crucial to stay at the forefront of training techniques! 
The afternoon was filled with finalizing agreements for the GreenChambers training. We nailed down the methodology, length, level, and evaluation system, ensuring a comprehensive and effective program.
Wrapping up the day, we engaged in a debate on competences and made important decisions regarding the selection of competences. Everyone had a voice, and after thoughtful deliberation, we voted for 7 topics to be developed by our dedicated partners.

Focus Groups

The focus group results that each of the partners prepared separately revealed that it is advantegous for an ESG trainer to have the work experience in the following fields:
● Experience in the area of business & entrepreneurship
● Experience in businesses with successful implementation of ESG
● Corporate Social Responsibility
● Experience not only in environment, but also in social and governance pillars.
● Industry-specific experience

The final result – ESG trainer profile – can be found in PROJECT RESULTS

First partnership meeting in Dublin

The GreenChambers team gathered on 6th June in Valencia for the first day of 2nd working seminar.

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