Second partnership meeting in Valencia

The GreenChambers team gathered on 6th June in Valencia for the first day of 2nd working seminar.

The seminar kicked off with a warm welcome and an agenda presentation by Cámara Valencia and Markeut Skills SL. This was followed by a productive debate and discussion on the results of the FocusGroups, where MEUS presented the general findings, and partners shared their direct testimonies and feedback.

ESG competences and related initiatives, such as the ESG-UP and SIMPLE projects, were also presented by Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije and Dublin Chamber. The day continued with a stimulating discussion on trainers’ competence profiles, where OMNIA presented the the necessary competences for effective training.

Day 2 of our exciting Networking Meeting started at premises of Cámara Valencia

During the mid-morning session, we reached a consensus on a common definition of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). We explored the CSR Directive and the obligations of SMEs, as well as the EFRAG standards. The question on everyone’s mind was, “What is relevant for our targets?” It was an enlightening discussion!
We also delved into the format of the training program, presenting various methodologies and engaging in discussions on innovative work-based learning solutions, online training, and assessment methods. It’s crucial to stay at the forefront of training techniques! 
The afternoon was filled with finalizing agreements for the GreenChambers training. We nailed down the methodology, length, level, and evaluation system, ensuring a comprehensive and effective program.
Wrapping up the day, we engaged in a debate on competences and made important decisions regarding the selection of competences. Everyone had a voice, and after thoughtful deliberation, we voted for 7 topics to be developed by our dedicated partners.