Third Working Seminar in Warsaw

On 16th and 17th of January the team met in Warsaw to discuss further steps for the project. Workshop topics aimed to facilitate productive discussions and collaborative planning among the main researcher staff, contributing to the successful implementation of latest works concerning the implementation of the Modules and the broader goals of the project. During these two days on the workshops the team discussed about the services offered by the Chambers for SME education and training, and about the Mainstreaming strategies for establishing the ESG course as a reference.

Workshop 1: Services offered by Chambers for SME education and training

The day started with a presentation of PCC service offer for the SMEs (PCC school for ESG) and then was followed by discussions on multiple topics. An overview of the current landscape of education and training services was made and was supported by sharing experiences and success stories from participating chambers. The team then moved on to case studies showcasing effective inclusive practices. The first workshop was concluded by the identification of best practices and potential areas for improvement.

Workshop 2: Mainstreaming strategies for establishing the ESG course as a reference

During the second workshop the team focused on the overview of the ESG course objectives and goals and started with a discussion on the significance of mainstreaming ESG education. A presentation on successful mainstreaming strategies employed in various contexts was held followed by a session on potential strategies suitable for Chambers and SMEs. The team divided into groups each focusing on specific strategies and then presented their action plan.

The second day of the seminar focused on the summary of key strategies that were identified during workshops. A plan for the next steps was formed and the responsibilities and tasks were assigned to every partner. This concluded the third partnership meeting in Warsaw.